New Year, New Zine!

Happy 2016! Finally, it’s here. It’s only ten days in so far but it’s been a pretty busy first week of the year. What a start!

2015 has been full of surprises and a lot of hard work, both for my day job and illustration projects. I feel blessed, despite the ups and downs. Both has its own gifts, lessons. Learned much about myself. I’m so grateful to find kindred spirits from unexpected places too.

I think 2016 is going to be interesting. Though I don’t know what’s coming, I hope the surprises will be good opportunities for me, especially when it comes to my illustrations.

So to kick off 2016, I’m introducing my zine, Andrealism. Here is Issue #1. Happy reading!

Andrealism: The Zine - Issue 1


Game on, 2016!

New Works and Oh, Promotions!

New Works and Oh, Promotions!

It’s that time of the year again. A season of festivities and merriment, and sales. Yes, ’tis the season to be shopping for good bargains. I know, because I love this time of the year too.

Black Friday Sale starts now, along with a slew of discounts and promotions to carry on until the Christmas season (and even New Year’s, perhaps). My shop on Society6 has been running ongoing promotions since last week (so you just have to keep checking back to see what new discounts are being offered).

I’ve also added new artworks to the store, which may not be so visible there as the rest of the works under the Tarot Series. So I’ve included the direct links to them here:

The Society6’s Black Friday Sale is running now for 24 hours, which is until 11.59pm Pacific Time (North America) or November 28, 2015 at 3.59pm, Malaysian time. Free worldwide shipping too.

If you decided to grab some stuff from my store, thanks in advanced for your support!



Let’s Do This!

Let’s Do This!

Today marks my official day of getting serious about doing illustration for a living. I’ve scaled down my day job to a part time position. Really grateful for a boss who understood why I’m doing this. I actually didn’t expect to start so soon, but I supposed I do need to get going and not wait any further. In a way, it’s all good.

This morning I’ve already done some research on pricing and commissions (Yes, I’ll open up for art commissions soon!), and all the other admin part of running a freelance business. So much to learn, really! And I’m learning as I go.

I’m also done with the planning for an upcoming personal project which I need to complete by end of December. Likely to release it early January 2016. So stay tuned, ya?

I’ve recently took an inking class with Yuko Shimizu on Skillshare. Working on my class assignment at the moment. Hoping to improve my inking better because I really love doing line art and want to know how to control brush strokes better. Very excited.

Yes, indeed there’s following up on my WIPs like the tarot deck (Card #6, The Chariot is next), and my graphic novel (which has been on a rocky path to get it going, but I need to fix that). Lots to do on my list.

Doing all this – trying to get a freelance illustration career going – feels scary but exciting at the same time. But I’m going to do my best to make it work. I don’t want to regret not trying. Let’s do this!

While I work on some stuff, you can check out my Behance portfolio and my Society6 store (it’s a season of ongoing promos this time of the year). Thanks for your support!